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Free Calm Radio can improve your sleep, reduce your stress, relieve anxiety, lift depression, boost your sense of well-being, and make you feel happier and more optimistic about your life.

Calm Radio

Free Calm Radio is our gift to you

Calm Radio

We believe everyone, wherever they are in the world, has a right to experience a happier, healthier, and more relaxed lifestyle.

We believe your life should be exciting, fun and fulfilling. We believe you should take responsibility for your own well-being.

The life enhancing benefits of meditation, energy healing and aural stimulation were known long before the modern era of doctors, scientists, and drug companies.

Calm Radio won’t patronize you with celebrity endorsements or bombard you with medical propaganda. We simply bring you the knowledge of the past to improve every aspect of your life today and in the future.

26 Free Calm Radio stations to improve your well-being

Calm Radio

Nourishing Sleep & Rejuvenating Relaxation

We recommend:
Calm Relaxation
Calm Sleep Baby
Calm Sleep Classical
Calm Sleepy

Calm Radio

Reduced depression & sense of isolation

We recommend:
Calm Ocean
Calm Pan Pipes
Calm Soundscapes
Calm Dreamscapes
Calm Soothing Instrumental

Calm Radio

Improved physical & mental performance

We recommend:
Calm Chants
Calm Reiki
Calm Zen
Calm Tai Chi

Calm Radio

Enhanced health & happiness

We recommend:
Calm Bowls
Calm Gongs
Calm Massage
Calm Spa

Calm Radio

Reduced stress & anxiety

We recommend:
Calm Stress Relief
Calm Classical
Calm Meditation
Calm Harp

Calm Radio

Greater optimism & well-being

We recommend:
Calm Birdsong
Calm Kids
Calm Piano
Calm Smooth